An aerial view of Frankton in Autumn
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Where to stay in Queenstown

Guide by Roxanne de Bruyn

Last Updated 9 June 2023

Explore Queenstown's neighbourhoods and discover the best places to stay in the area.

Queenstown has much to offer beyond its bustling downtown area. Sure, that’s where you’ll find all the bars and restaurants, and it’s probably the best place to stay when you first visit, but there are other beautiful places to stay too.

If you’d prefer somewhere a bit quieter, away from the tourist centre, Queenstown does have other options. Here are seven neighbourhoods in Queenstown which are well worth considering as a base for your trip. Keep in mind that a car may be necessary in some of these locations.

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Downtown Queenstown

Ideal for first-time visitors, downtown Queenstown is a vibrant area that features shopping, activities, restaurants, bars, and cafes. Its central location makes it easy to explore everything the town has to offer. Many tours and activities provide pick-ups from accommodations in this area, making it the most convenient option for those without a car. Staying downtown means having everything within walking distance, creating a perfect base for your first trip to Queenstown.


Located near the airport, Frankton is a commercial hub with supermarkets, large stores, and various accommodations. It's about a 10-minute drive to central Queenstown and 15 minutes to the historic Arrowtown. With a selection of restaurants and cafes, Frankton offers a more budget-friendly option for travellers. The neighbourhood is well-serviced by public transport, but having a car is more convenient for those looking to explore further afield.


Fernhill is a picturesque neighbourhood situated on a hillside, about five minutes’ drive from Queenstown towards Glenorchy. The area offers stunning views of Lake Wakatipu and the surrounding mountains. Although there are several hotels and B&Bs in Fernhill, dining options are limited, so be prepared for regular trips into town. Having your own transport is recommended, as the walk to town can be steep. While Fernhill is more convenient to Glenorchy, you’ll have to go through Queenstown (and the associated traffic) if you want to go anywhere else, which can become a hassle after a while.

Arthur’s Point

Located halfway between Arrowtown and Queenstown, Arthur’s Point is a small settlement at the base of Coronet Peak. Ideal for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, it also offers scenic views of the Shotover River and surrounding mountains. The area is predominantly residential, but there are a few hotels, apartment rentals, and pubs around, along with Onsen Hot Pools. A car is necessary for staying in Arthur’s Point, although it is on a bus route.

Lake Hayes

As one of Queenstown's more upscale areas, accommodation in Lake Hayes tends to be luxury lodges and B&Bs set against the backdrop of the serene lake. The peaceful atmosphere is perfect for a relaxing getaway, and the area is conveniently located near Frankton, Queenstown, and Arrowtown. A few cellar doors and restaurants can be found in the vicinity, but a car is required to fully enjoy the attractions of the surrounding areas. It’s a tranquil area, however the main road can be busy and noisy.

Kelvin Heights

Situated on the opposite side of the inlet from Queenstown, Kelvin Heights offers great lake views and a more tranquil, less touristy atmosphere. The neighbourhood is accessed by following the road towards Frankton and the airport, then continuing around the lake. The Hilton is located at the start of the peninsula (it has a water taxi to Queenstown), and Kelvin Heights is on the peninsula, stretching into the lake. It’s worth noting that it requires a bit of a drive to reach other attractions in the region.

Jack’s Point

This newer residential development, located a short distance from Queenstown, provides a more secluded base for visitors who have been to the area before or are looking to focus on specific activities, such as skiing in the Remarkables or golfing. Jack’s Point offers larger holiday homes for rent, an excellent café, good cycling connections on the Queenstown Trail, and a world-class golf club. This neighbourhood is perfect for those who want a peaceful retreat away from the bustling town centre.