About us

Love Queenstown is designed to help you plan your perfect trip to Queenstown. We share useful information on how to make the most of your time in this stunning destination, including hand-picked recommendations on where to stay, what to do and where to eat when you visit.

Our writers know Queenstown well and have travelled extensively through Central Otago. We have personally experienced the activities and experiences we write about (or, in the case of the Nevis human cannonball, we know someone who has).

We also cover some less-visited sites and attractions to help you find different and exciting ways to explore the area – especially if you’ve visited before. In short, we just want to share our passion and enthusiasm for this amazing destination with our readers.

Ultimately, we believe that travel is about trying new things and making lasting memories – and where better to do both than in the adventure capital of the world?

The team

Roxanne de Bruyn

Roxanne is an experienced travel writer and the founder of Faraway Worlds, a global travel website. Roxanne has written extensively about far-flung destinations around the world and is excited to share her knowledge and experience of somewhere close to home. She’s happiest on the shores of Lake Hayes or sipping Pinot Noir in one of the Banockburn wineries.LinkedIn icon

Matthew Taylor

Matt loves travelling and sharing his experiences, but isn’t a writer, photographer or videographer, so needed to find another way to do it. He can code, though, so he made this website instead. Like the rest of us, Matt loves Queenstown and aspirationally dreams of owning a mansion in Dalefield one day.
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Daniel Adams

Dan is a designer, digital products specialist, SEO magician and self-proclaimed generalist. His goal is to get Love Queenstown in the top three on Google for all Queenstown-related keywords. Dan's happy place is cycling near Arrowtown, taking in the scenery.
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